Colorado Hardy Plants Nursery sits at 6300 feet on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

We are a small family nursery with the vision to grow hardy plants in a simplistic and natural way atop a sunny mesa top in Colorado.

Our plants thrive in nearly 365 days of sunshine, warm summers and cold winters, a unique environment that gives you beautiful Colorado Hardy Plants!

We grow a large variety of Spiraea, Potentilla and Chaenomeles, and constantly search for new varieties that will add beauty to any landscape. We select for attributes like:

  • fantastic flower displays
  • fall leaf color
  • unique bark color
  • branch patterns
  • compact growth
  • spreading habit
  • ability to grow with little care

We have searched the native plant community of the Rocky Mountain region for plants growing in their natural settings that not only thrive with no care and natural amounts of rainfall, but also exhibit unique beauty in their flowers, foliage, growth habit, bark and fragrance.

Above all, we grow plants that are easy to grow and hardy!