With most of our country’s schools closed for many weeks, parents have been adding the role of an educator to their already full list of responsibilities.

The owners of Colorado Hardy Plants are both parents and past educators so feel especially sympathetic to those that are trying to work, parent, and educate from home. So, we’ve created two FREE resources to support families in this era of social-distancing.

  1.  A Youth Gardener Package:This package includes three cold-hardy, drought-tolerant, well-rooted plants and is being offered for the cost of shipping only! We hope that getting outside for a few hours while you garden will help provide a break from the screens, mania, or general boredom.
  2.  Virtual (Live) Farm Tour.Join Farmer Hart as he gives you a tour of his nursery. He will show you how we propagate (make new plants), discuss what each season is like on the nursery, share some tips and talk about some of his favorite plants. Most importantly, he will answer your questions live on the call. To join, head to this link just before start time: meet.google.com/xxn-rgbu-iip