What in the world are you talking about? I thought these posts would be about plants! Well this post is most definitely about plants and really important to my end of it. You know the term “you can Google it” ? Everybody does it everyday and for my existence it has become one of the most parts to my business. When I decided to devote my entire business to internet sales I thought, just get a website and start  selling, right? No, not right! Nothing is as simple as you think.  Oh you can make a nice, user friendly website that a customer can actually buy something on but no one will ever find it! Unless you put your website up over ten years ago it will never be revealed on a Google search. It seems the only way to change that is for people to  go to your website and buy plants! What do you  do to make that happen? You use “Google Adwords”, you know there on every page with a little yellow box “AD”. But did you know for me those  “AD” up to $1.31 every time someone “clicks” on it. Oh yeah big bucks! And then the  “click thru rate” and the “impressions” come in to play depending on if the customer continues onto your website and what they look at. And the reality for me, those clicks that I pay for don’t really amount to the sales that would justify the cost! But what a website needs is the visitors and hopefully the corresponding sales so that Google will slowly move it up with out paying for those “clicks”.  In other words every time you visit this website it helps to slowly move me up the list so more people will see it. Don’t get me wrong, I do sell a lot of plants and it is growing every year but most of my sales are done on Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. Believe me I get it, I buy on those sites also, it is easy . And I appreciate all of  my customers wherever they decide to buy my plants, my customers  are great! And knowing that the plants I grow will be enjoyed for years to come is what keeps me in this struggle called business. But what I hope for is that someday the sales on this website will be greater than those done on other sites. Ok, Ok, the  next post will be only about plants, I promise! But to see it you’ll have to “Google me” and “click” on it! Gary