Happy First Day of May from MacPherson Nursery! On a trip to Zion National Park, UT. last week, hardy native plants were seen blooming and thriving on the cliffs of the canyon. Some of the species seen are what we grow at MacPherson Nursery! See the photos below of how hardy these plants can be:


A Manzanita (Arctostaphylos patula) growing on a cliff face. A relative of this shrub, our Arctostaphylus uva-ursi can be found on our website.



Mahonia repens seen growing and blooming along the Zion canyon floor.


Utah Serviceberry (Amelanchier utahensis) in full bloom on the West Rim trail.


Cerocarpus ledifolius (Curl Leaf Mountain Mahogany) growing out of a crack in the sandstone.

Interesting in purchasing some of these and other native hardy plants? Visit our native plant page on our website: https://www.coloradohardyplants.com/native-varieties/