Ok, what is this about you say. There were regular posts last year and then nothing. Well my daughter was the one doing all those posts and what a good job she did! She is multi talented, a great writer and unlike me, knows the internet, Facebook and the like. Unfortunately she is a very busy Park Ranger and lives in a rural area with limited internet access now. So, you get me instead! That’s right the old guy himself. I  am  admittedly not a writer, which if I keep up with this posting thing, will become more and more evident! What I do know is plants, how they grow and how to use them in a landscape. In my forty years as a gardener, landscape designer, landscape contractor and wholesale grower, I have  built my knowledge base from practical experience in a variety of climates. My intention is to share some of that experience along with some personal opinions. And I will try and focus those opinions on the plant world but other things may slip in there too! Gary