Our native plant of the week is native to 10,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains – Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (Kinnickinick). A common ground cover found around North America is a great choice for any landscaping.

arctostapylos uva ursi This slow growing ground cover will cover a ground area of 6″ x 4′. Thick, leathery leaves roll at the edges become dark green in the summer months. Small, bell shaped pink or white flowers adorn bright red stems.

Arctostaphylos-uva-ursi close up      Arcto.uva.pic1




This ground-trailing shrub has papery, red-colored bark on woody stems. It is a very hardy plant, growing in all types of conditions and soils, including sand.  it is the only Arctostaphylos species to occur outside of North America. It has no serious disease or insect problems, making it a great ground cover for your landscaping. Here’s a snapshot of what your Kinnickinick will look like when you order:

Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi liner thumbnail



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