CORNUS CERICEA (Flaviramea) “Yellow Twig Dogwood”



This is the variety with the bright yellow stems in the winter. An excellent choice to mix with the red twig variety! It has bright green leaves with white flowers and grows to 5ft.

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Yellow Twig Dogwood

This unique shrub provides winter interest. Nope, this isn’t a typo, we meant to say winter! Yes, this the variety has bright green leaves with white flowers in the summer which provides a beautiful leafy hedge in the summer. But, as it loses its leaves in the Fall, the true brilliance of these plants appears. Its stems turn bright yellow in the winter. So, all winter long you have COLOR! Consider purchasing a Red Twig Dogwood to partner with it and your garden will be the talk of the town even when it is covered in snow.

This plant grows at a pretty good rate until it reaches its max size of 5ft.

White star-shaped flowers adorn the plant in early summer, which are followed by white berries.

This adaptable plant works well in a variety of situations, especially in wet areas that can pose a problem for many other plants. But, it is also happy in typical soil as well. Additionally, It does well in full or partial sun.

This is one of those rare shrubs that you can just sit back and enjoy the changes the seasons bring to its appearance.

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