No, I’m not referring to that dandelion in your lawn and no just because I’m in Colorado, I am not talking about that “weed” either! I am talking about Weed, California, population 2500+-. If you head north towards Oregon on I-5 you will find this quaint town sitting at the base of the majestic Mt. Shasta. At an elevation of 3400ft. +- it is not really that high, certainly in comparison to Colorado, my nursery is at 63ooft. But…….man the weather in Weed can be nasty! In 1980 I was asked to create a  landscape design for a 30 acre site and it was an experience. Don’t get me wrong a good designer should be able to come up with a great plan even if unfamiliar personally with the area. So, I set to work looking for plant material suitable for use in a commercial application, that could add beauty and still survive the Cold Wind. Yeah, that is Weed in the winter, cold and windy, not your friend  and certainly not a plants’ friend!  That was my first experience with Spiraea, a varying  selection of fairly hardy  deciduous shrubs that really fit well. At the time they weren’t  used often and it began a love affair with a fantastic plant that comes in numerous growth habits , flower  colors and foliage color, size and shape. They are great in planters, shrub masses and even hedges. They are easy to grow, easy to maintain and we grow a great selection of Spiraea  From the low spreading “Dakota Goldcharm”TM, an improved selection introduced by NDSU, with bright yellow/orange foliage to “Halwards’ Silver”, a 4ft beauty  with bright green foliage and covered with white flowers in the spring. Gary

Spiraea "Dakota Goldcharm"TM

Spiraea “Dakota Goldcharm”TM