Customer Comments

Just an update on the spirea – every, single one of the plants is doing fantastic, aside from the one that suffered an untimely death due to our wonderful dogs.  Every one was nice and perky right out of the box with no signs of wilting or stress at all.  And I don’t know that I’ve ever seen such stout packaging of plants… I think our mail carrier could have drop-kicked these boxes and the plants wouldn’t have been fazed.  A few days after we got them in the ground, we had 2 nights of mid-20 temps (unseasonable for here) but these little guys showed no sign of damage.Thanks again for the help and the marvelous, healthy plants.

Linda ………. Washington state

AWESOME!!  they were packed like fine china! I order dormant plants/trees/bushes all the time, and I order in bulk.  When I get them, I usually have anything from 1-inch growth to 12-inch growth, all in the same order!  -to say nothing of the fact that frequently some have fallen out of their protective dirt.
NOT THESE.  Paper-packed at the top to keep dirt in, and it looks like somebody took a ruler and measured each one so they are identical size LOL.  They look like ready little soldiers!  What a glorious sight.  I smiled when I opened the box.  I was very pleased. Thank you so much Gary for such thorough and thoughtful service.


Hi Gary—The Potentilla has arrived.  It came on Saturday.  I am pleased
that the U.S. Postal Service delivered it right to my house…on Saturday
AFTERNOON.  The plants look GREAT.  I am very pleased with them  Thank you
so much for your excellent QUICK service……Ken………Colorado

The 3 plants arrived in great shape. The plant quality was also great. I would buy again from this grower. Thanks.  Richard……..Iowa

Some of the best packing I have seen to date for plants, plants look to be in beautiful health and shipping was very fast.
I am very happy with this purchase and will gladly buy again from this seller…..Sheldon…..Utah

I would definitely order from Colorado Hardy Plants again. I ordered the 3 Kinnikinnick plants right before July 4th, and they were kind, & professional, enough to contact me to let me know they would be sending them out AFTER the July 4th weekend, so that the plants would not be sitting somewhere, unattended. When I received the plants on Tuesday, I was very pleased at how well they had been packaged. They were beautiful live plants put in a compartmental box to protect them!! Not the dry sticks that were put in a torn plastic bag & then in a padded envelope that I have received from other companies, when ordering “live” plants. They are doing perfectly in my yard & we are thouroughly happy with our purchase from Colorado Hardy Plants. I look forward to doing more business with them!! Thank you for the great care you took……Debi……..Wyoming

I can’t say enough good things about the shipment I received from you! These are the hardiest plants I’ve ever had shipped to me. And the careful packing was amazing! I’m already thinking about what I’ll order from you next! Thank you…….Anne…….New Hampshire

Loved everything about this transaction! Healthy plants arrived quickly and packaged in the perfect containers. I have to admit that I didn’t get my shrubs planted immediately, but continued watering them in their containers. They not only survived but thrived! I would highly recommend this seller…Judy..WY

I ordered 6 different varieties of plants from these folks and they are honestly some of the highest quality plants I have ordered through the mail! They are just beautiful! They were very well packed and arrived in a timely manner. They are a bargain considering the quality and I will certainly be giving them more business in the future. I am a very, very happy customer!….Dennis….Denver,CO

Just received. Beautiful plants, packed with SUCH care. Thank you!…Karlyn…CA

Thank you so much! I re-ordered this ( I ordered it last year also). We had decided to wait a year to see if the plants would be viable and survive our upstate NY winters, and they seem to be doing so well that my husband asked me to re-order and finish surrounding our out building with them. ( our last name is abbott, so you see the appeal to “abbotswood”, lol) They seem to be of quality stock and are everything you advertised them to be. also, the shipping was very fast. I can’t thank you enough for selling a quality item at a reasonable price! I look forward to continued business with such an upstanding seller.
Have a wonderful day
Mrs. Abbott

Thank you so much for the quick shipment! The plants were in perfect shape and I appreciate the directions you sent with them too! I’m planting them along my fence. It was a pleasure doing business with you and will look forward to ordering more from you in the future. Thank you!…Mary….Nebraska

Absolutely wonderful plants. When planted along my patio, they never went in to shock. Have already grown a couple of inches in the last two weeks. I’m sure these will thrive and be just as beautiful as our others!! Have lost ZERO plants from this seller. Follow the directions and BAM! Easy as that. Don’t stray from the directions and you won’t go wrong……Christopher….Montana

Gary, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful, strong Mahonia plants. I have never seen such amazing packaging, not a leaf was ruffled. They are now safely planted in the Memorial Garden at Grace Lutheran Church in Forest River, IL. Thanks again, Sandy