Our Plants

All of our plants are grown from cuttings or wild collected seed. We utilize soilless media for all of our plant material to ensure a disease and pest free product. Our nursery is inspected regularly by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Nursery Division. In addition we participate in the Japanese Beetle Trapping Program and maintain current certification.

Most of our plants are grown in 2 3/8” wide by 5” deep plastic containers with open bottoms. We have found that this volume of soil is sufficient to yield a nice size plant and yet be light enough to ship with a low cost to the customer. These containers are referred to as “liners” in the nursery industry and are what grower typically plants into a one gallon container in the spring,for sale that summer. We also have a new 3″ x 9″ container that we have introduced this year. It allows us to ship a plant equal to a one gallon, but saving the customer on shipping charges.

ColoradoHardyPlants are just that, HARDY! They are guaranteed to have a large root system that  fills the container. The root system is the most important part of the plant. They are pruned several times a year. Depending when you order they may have just been pruned or likewise may be ready to be pruned. We don’t prune in the fall, so if you order deciduous plants in the winter months, they should be pruned by  one third when planting.

Our plants are sold in quantities of three, six and sometimes ten because it costs just a little more to ship three plants as it does to ship one. The same goes for six plants instead of three, etc. In fact the shipping represents half of what you are paying for the plants! These quantities also fit in the packaging we use, so you are guaranteed to get plants with their root balls and soil intact! Nothing worse than receiving plants in a bag with a few branches, roots and loose soil! We only ship USPS PRIORITY MAIL, so your plants are sure to arrive quick. Your ColoradoHardyPlants are guaranteed to arrive in good condition and as described! If your plants arrive and the package is damaged, the plants are damaged or they have been sitting somewhere for longer than they should, you will be shipped a new order! I want to be sure you are happy with your plant order and if not I want to know!

2 3/8″x5″ Foresteria Neomexicana

2 3/8″x5″ Spiraea Peppermint Stk.

3″ x 8″ Robinia Neomexicana

2 3/8″ x 5″ Potentilla Pink Beauty

2 3/8″ x 5″ Arctostaphylos Uva-ursi

3″ x  8″ Cornus Sericea